The AMIS Crop Monitor Report and Early Warning Crop Monitor Report for December 2016 have been published.
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Conditions at a Glance as of November 28th, 2016



In the northern hemisphere, winter wheat planting is complete and is under generally favourable conditions at this early stage in the season as it enters dormancy in most countries. In the southern hemisphere, harvest has begun with conditions mostly favourable for South Africa and most of Argentina. Australia is experiencing exceptional conditions over large production areas, owing to earlier beneficial rainfall.


In the northern hemisphere, harvest is ongoing in India under generally favourable conditions, with the exception of the south, due to rainfall deficits. Conditions are favourable in Canada and Mexico. In the southern hemisphere, conditions for planting are generally favorable for Argentina, Brazil, and South Africa.


Rice conditions for Southeast Asia are mixed. In southern India, where the Kharif crop harvest is ongoing, there is concern due to rainfall deficits. Conditions are favourable in Indonesia, Thailand, and most of the Philippines. By contrast, conditions are poor in Viet Nam due to a mix of adverse weather conditions during the growing season.


In the northern hemisphere, the season is largely complete. In the southern hemisphere, conditions in Brazil are favourable and planting is underway in Argentina under favourable condition in the central agricultural region. However, dry soil moisture conditions in the northern and southern areas has slowed planting.
Early Warning

East Africa

In northern East Africa, conditions are mixed nearing the end of the main season with poor conditions in South Sudan, and parts of Ethiopia and favourable conditions for Sudan and Rwanda. In southern East Africa, the second season is ongoing in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Somalia with severe concern across all countries from delayed onset and dry conditions causing poor and failure conditions for crops.

West Africa

Overall conditions are favourable and rainfed harvests are complete across all areas.

Northern Africa

Across North Africa winter wheat planting is ongoing and will continue through January. Conditions have improved owing to rainfall received in December however some concern still remains in northeast Algeria from delayed rains.

Southern Africa

The main growing season is underway and conditions have improved with good rains in December over - South and Central parts of the regions offsetting rainfall deficits in many areas. Concern remains in northeast parts of the region and Madagascar as well as Free State and North West regions of South Africa due to ongoing hot and dry conditions.

Southeast Asia

Across northern Southeast Asia, harvests are complete for wet season rice and end of season conditions are mostly favourable with the exception of Viet Nam and North Philippines due to typhoons and flood events over the growing season. Land preparation and planting of dry season rice is underway and conditions are favourable. In southern Southeast Asia, wet season rice planting is complete and conditions are favourable.

Central America & Caribbean

The prostrera season is complete and overall end of season prospects are favourable with average harvests for maize and beans across Central America.


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