The AMIS Crop Monitor Report and Early Warning Crop Monitor Report for November 2016 have been published.
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Conditions at a Glance as of October 28th, 2016



In the northern hemisphere, overall wheat prospects remain good for the spring wheat season that is drawing to a close, with near-record yields reported in Kazakhstan. Winter wheat planting began under favourable conditions. In the southern hemisphere, conditions are generally favourable, with the exception of Western Australia, which experienced frost events that will likely constrain yields.


In the northern hemisphere, conditions are mixed. In the US, an above-average crop is expected; however, significant growing areas in the EU and Canada experienced adverse conditions reducing yield expectations. In the southern hemisphere, planting is underway under generally favourable conditions in Brazil and Argentina.


Rice conditions for Southeast Asia have generally improved and are favourable, most notably in India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. However, there is some concern over heavy rainfall in northern Viet Nam and over flash flooding and delayed start of the season in Thailand. Conditions remain mixed for China.


In the northern hemisphere, conditions remain generally favourable, with a very good crop expected in the US. However, in Canada, dry conditions in Ontario have lowered expected yields. In the southern hemisphere, planting began in Brazil.
Early Warning

East Africa & Yemen

Overall conditions are mostly favourable in the main production regions, with notable exception in Somalia where there is significant concern over extreme dry conditions for the second season. In Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia the primary season is drawing to a close and concern remains in parts of Ethiopia and South Sudan. In Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda, the secondary season is underway or will begin in coming weeks with some concerns over dry conditions and delayed onset.

West Africa

Conditions remain favourable across all regions and production prospects are above average. The main harvests have been completed in the Sahel and are on-going in agro- ecological zones further south.

Southern Africa

In Southern Africa the primary maize season is starting. The onset of rains was experienced in limited areas throughout the region and will continue to spread through major cropping areas through the end of November. In most areas that received rain, conditions are mostly favourable, with some concerns over dry and hot weather, though it is still very early in the season.

Southeast Asia

Overall conditions across Southeast Asia have improved, most notably in Thailand, and are favourable with heavy rainfall experienced across the region. In Myanmar and Vietnam there are concerns over excess wet conditions affecting wet season rice.

Central Asia

Across Central Asia, the primary rain/snow season (October–March) has been off to a slow start in the region with early season precipitation being slightly below normal.

Central America & Caribbean

The prostrera season is underway across Central America and overall conditions are generally favorable with good rains and temperatures across Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. However there are some concerns over dry conditions.


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