The AMIS Crop Monitor Report and Early Warning Crop Monitor Report for August 2016 have been published.
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Conditions at a Glance as of July 28th, 2016



In the northern hemisphere, winter wheat harvest is ongoing and conditions continue to be largely favourable. Spring wheat conditions remain generally favourable. In the southern hemisphere, the winter wheat crop is in generally favourable condition at this early stage of the season.


In the northern hemisphere, there are some concerns in parts of China, Ukraine, and Canada. Conditions are mostly favourable elsewhere. In the southern hemisphere, harvest is ongoing and significant concern remains over poor conditions in Brazil due to insufficient rainfall and high temperatures in April and May.


Overall conditions are mixed. In China, there is concern due to strong rainfall and a lack of sunlight, which are causing below average conditions for multiple rice seasons. In Thailand, Viet Nam and the Philippines, dry conditions are causing concern for the wet season crop.


In the northern hemisphere, conditions are generally favourable, except in Canada, where conditions deteriorated from last month in the main producing areas due to abnormally hot and dry weather. In the southern hemisphere, harvest is nearly complete, except in parts of Argentina where there are significant delays due to heavy rainfall.
Early Warning

Southern Africa

Southern Africa is largely out of season. However, the wheat crop, which is currently in-season is in good condition.

East Africa

Overall, conditions are mixed in the main producing regions. Specifically, conditions in marginal maize areas in coastal Kenya and in main producing areas in Southern Somalia have continued to deteriorate due to localized drought.

West Africa

Overall conditions remain favourable throughout the region owing to satisfactory moisture levels.

North Africa

North Africa is mostly out of season.

Southeast Asia

Overall conditions are mixed for the wet season crop due to dry conditions continued from the El NiƱo event, impacting Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. In Indonesia, the dry season crop is in season under favourable conditions.

Central America & Caribbean

Maize conditions in Central America and the Caribbean remain mixed at this early stage of the season due to irregular rainfall. Nevertheless, increased rainfall in parts of Central America helped to improve conditions since last month.


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