Crop Monitor for Early Warning | May 2017


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Alert: Presence of fall armyworm confirmed across East Africa     

Outbreaks of the non-native fall armyworm were confirmed last month across Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Ethiopia and Rwanda. The full impact is unknown, however governments are mobilizing to manage the outbreaks and control the impact on the ongoing main cereal season.

Maps and Charts:

Crop condition map synthesizing information as of April 28th. Crop conditions over the main growing areas are based on a combination of inputs including remotely sensed data, ground observations, field reports, national, and regional experts. Regions that are in other than favourable conditions are labeled on the map with a symbol representing the crop(s) affected.

Africa & Yemen Synthesis Map

Middle East and North Africa

East Africa

West Africa

Southern Africa

Southeast Asia

Central and South Asia

Central America & the Caribbean

Disclaimer and Sources

The Crop Monitor assessment is conducted by GEOGLAM with inputs from the following partners FEWS NET, JRC, WFP, ARC, Asia RiCE, FAO GIEWS, MESA, ICPAC, Applied Geosolutions and UMD. The findings and conclusions in this joint multi-agency report are consensual statements from the GEOGLAM experts, and do not necessarily reflect those of the individual agencies represented by these experts.