GEOGLAM Joins AMIS Secretariat

The Group on Earth Observations Global Agricultural Monitoring initiative (GEOGLAM) became the eleventh member of the AMIS Secretariat. The AMIS Steering Committee unanimously approved GEOGLAMG??s request for full membership at its meeting on Wednesday, 22 June, which formalizes and further strengthens an already close collaboration between both initiatives.

GEOGLAM was launched alongside AMIS at the G20 Agriculture Ministers meeting in 2011 as part of the G20 Action Plan on Food Price Volatility. Since then, the initiative has helped to reinforce the international community’s capacity to produce and disseminate relevant, timely and accurate forecasts of agricultural production by using Earth Observation data. For AMIS, GEOGLAM developed the Crop Monitor, which provides regular updates of crop growing conditions in the main producing regions of the AMIS crops, synthesized in the AMIS Market Monitor.

Going forward, both initiatives seek to extend and strengthen their partnership, including at the country level. Against this background, national focal points of AMIS and GEOGLAM have been invited to explore areas for closer collaboration such as enhancing the use of satellite observations within current systems for area and yield estimation and integrating earth observations into early warning market indicators.

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