Crop Monitor for AMIS | February 2015


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Disclaimer and Sources

Synthesis Maps

Maize Maps and Charts

Rice Maps and Charts

Soybean Maps and Charts

Wheat Maps and Charts

The Crop Monitor assessment is conducted by GEOGLAM with inputs from GEOGLAM Crop Monitor partners. The findings and conclusions in this joint multi-agency report are consensual statements from the GEOGLAM experts, and do not necessarily reflect those of the individual agencies represented by these experts.

Map data sources: Major crop type areas based on the IFPRI/IIASA SPAM 2005 beta release (2013), USDA/NASS 2013 CDL, 2013 AAFC Annual Crop Inventory Map, GLAM/UMD, GLAD/UMD, Australian Land Use and Management Classification (Version 7), SIAP, ARC, and EC JRC – MARS. Crop calendars based on GEOGLAM partner crop calendars and USDA crop calendars.

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