Crop Monitor for AMIS | November 2013


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Disclaimer and Sources

The Crop Monitor assessment is conducted by GEOGLAM with inputs from GEOGLAM Crop Monitor partners. The findings and conclusions in this joint multi-agency report are consensual statements from the GEOGLAM experts, and do not necessarily reflect those of the individual agencies represented by these experts.

Map data sources: Major crop type areas based on the IFPRI/IIASA SPAM 2005 beta release (2013), USDA/NASS 2013 CDL, 2013 AAFC Annual Crop Inventory Map, GLAM/UMD, GLAD/UMD, Australian Land Use and Management Classification (Version 7), SIAP, ARC, and EC JRC – MARS. Crop calendars based on GEOGLAM partner crop calendars and USDA crop calendars.

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